Job Offer:-Executive Secretary of the Institution 2019-08-30


1.    Background

The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) was established as a Professional Regulatory Body by Law no. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012 to regulate and guide the activities of all those practicing Engineering Profession in the Country to ensure that engineering services delivered conform to and are in compliance with established engineering standards of service delivery and best practices. The Institution also has a mandate of enhancing technical capacities and professional competencies of its members to enable them to become more competent and competitive in the National, Regional and International engineering job markets.

In line with the above mentioned law that establishes the Organs of the Institution and considering the Governance procedures as stipulated in the Institution’s Internal Rules and Regulations, the Institution of Engineers Rwanda has decided to allocate a part of its resources to hire the services of an Executive Secretary, who will lead and coordinate the activities of the Secretariat of the Institution.  

2.    Major Responsibilities (Key-result Areas) of the Executive Secretary include the following;

i.    To lead and manage the Secretariat of the Institution of Engineers Rwanda
ii.    To coordinate the Institution’s activities in order to achieve its set objectives and targets
iii.    To formulate the Institution’s Strategic Plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation
iv.    To advise the Governing Council of the Institution on how to empower and enhance the Institution’s capacity in order to improve its efficiency and service delivery
v.    To be the Secretary to the meetings of both the Governing Council and the General Assembly of the Institution
vi.    To manage the Secretariat Staff and property of the Institution
vii.    To prepare the Draft Budget, Activity and Financial Reports of the Institution
viii.    To promote the Institution’s partnership with public, private and other International Engineering Institutions and Agencies that are stakeholders in the Institution’s activities
ix.    To participate in meetings, workshops and other Forums aimed at promoting the visibility and interests of the Institution
x.    To prepare Capacity Building Proposals for resource mobilization to execute the Institution’s targeted projects
xi.    To coordinate the implementation of Membership Fee collection from Members of the Institution
xii.    To coordinate and supervise the dissemination of information to Members and a follow up on Members inquiries to get resolved
xiii.    To update the database of Members of the Institution
xiv.    To perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Governing Council of the Institution

3.    Expected deliverables.

The Executive Secretary will ensure proper functioning, designing and effective implementation of Strategic Plans that enhance the Institution’s capacity in order to achieve its overall mandate as stipulated in the law that governs engineering profession and establishing the Institution of Engineers Rwanda.

4.    Duration of Work for the Executive Secretary 

The first three (3) months of the contract will constitute a probation period and uninterrupted continuity of the contract after the initial 3 months shall be translated to mean that the hired Executive Secretary will serve the specified period of the contract subject to the prevailing Internal Rules and Regulations of the Institution.

5.    Qualifications and Experience of the Executive Secretary 

  1. A very high level of proficiency in planning and organizational skills
  2. Strong marketing and public relation skills
  3. In-depth knowledge of Corporate Governance Principles and Managerial Best Practices
  4. An analytical mind capable for “Out of the box” thinking to solve problems
  5. Ability to apply successful fundraising and networking techniques
  6. Expected to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.
  7. Be creative and punctual in the delivery of assignments
  8. Possess leadership skills to be able to impart skills/knowledge to others in a learning environment
  9. Be able to communicate well with IER members
  10. Possess an Advanced Degree in a related field either in MBA or Engineering Field
  11. Must have several years of Senior Management experience and proven leadership Ability in a Managerial Position.
  12. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the English language are crucial

  6.    Selection procedures

Interested Applicants must provide information indicating that they are qualified for the job. An applicant with demonstrated experience and good track record will be selected.

7.    Deadline Date and Time for submission of offers

Fully sealed application envelopes should be delivered to the address below not later than 21st September 2019 at 17:00hrs local time.

8.    Submission Address

Institution of Engineers Rwanda

3rd Floor Nobiscum House (Equity Bank Building, Remera Branch), Remera Sector.

Gasabo District-Kigali City


Dated, this 22nd day of August 2019.


Eng. Gentil Kangaho

Chairman Governing Council

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