President Kagame inaugurates Nzove 2 water treatment plant

Kigali, March 28, 2016- His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda inaugurated the Nzove 2 water treatment plant located in Nzove sector, Kigali city, which will significantly increase production of water quality in the country, at a lower cost compared to other projects of its kind.

The plant, which has been running for about three weeks, has significantly addressed water shortages in Kigali city by adding 25,000 cubic meters (m3) per day to existing water production. The project is a result of the efforts by the Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and WASAC Ltd to establish and implement quick and sustainable solutions to address water shortage in Kigali City.

In his inauguration speech, President Kagame called on leaders to work together to ensure the water treatment facilities are well maintained and citizens of Rwanda obtain as much benefit as possible from these projects.

 “The African Union entrusted me with the responsibility to mobilise on clean water and sanitation and Culligan will always be on our mind as one of the company that can provide cost effective clean water.This partnership has something to do with strategic partnership than money invested or made from it. Water is life but most times it’s lacking.I want to thank this partnership for a job well done." President Kagame said


President Kagame urged Rwandans to always value and protect infrastructure such as the water treatment plant so that the benefits can multiply with the ultimate goal of creating a good life for all.

The plant was constructed by Culligan International, a US based firm and  was funded by the Government of Rwanda at the total cost of  7.4 Million for phase one.

The Minister of Infrastructure Hon. James Musoni noted that Nzove 2 was relatively cheaper compared to the other water projects the Government has engaged in. It has eased water shortage in the city suburbs of Nyamirambo, Gikondo, Kabeza, Kicukiro, Kagarama, Samuduha and Busanza.


Minister Musoni also added that “On operational cost, we will have cost saving equivalent to $936, 000 per year because of the good technology used,” Minister revealed.

 According to the current statistics, by January 2017, the City of Kigali would be having “100 per cent” water supply, basing on the next phase of expanding Nzove project. Phase two of the project, which includes the expansion of Nzove 1 and 2, will generate extra 30,000m3.

The second phase, which is due to begin next week, is estimated to be completed in the next nine months, and it will bring a total of 80,000m3 from the entire Nzove project, according to Laurence Bower, President of Culligan International. 

The construction of Nzove 2 lasted for about 11 months. The plant added 25,000     m3/day on the existing 65,000 m3/day capacity and enabling WASAC to produce 90,000 m3 /day and thereby reducing the water demand gap for the City of Kigali from 45,000 m3 /day to just 20,000m3 /day. The current total water demand in Kigali is 110,000m3/day.

The government seeks to reach 100 percent clean water supply, in the entire country, by 2020.