Training on Bridge Design With MIDAS CIVIL 2022-03-21


Developed exclusively to upskill professional engineers who design and build bridges. Using the world’s most powerful tool in the bridge engineering sector; MIDAS CIVIL. Nziza Training Academy in partnership with MIDAS has prepared the customized training event, which is purposed to help bridge professionals gain advanced-level skills via our uniquely structured training to be delivered by MIDAS Team live in Kigali - Rwanda. MIDAS Civil is a Finite Element Analysis software, which is used for bridge design and analysis. It combines the powerful pre-and post-processing features with an extremely fast solver that makes bridge modeling and analysis simple, quick, and effective. In addition to that, several easy parameter modification tools are available, that can be used for parametric analysis leading to optimized and economical design.

Currently in Rwanda and surrounding countries, there is a shortage of skilled engineers that are keen to technically study hefty structures like bridges. This has pushed Nziza Training Academy to import MIDAS bridge experts to upskill local and regional engineers in bridge engineering to the highest level of competency in delivering the studies of bridge structures. Keeping in mind that targeted professionals are busy, that is why this training event will happen within 5 days only.

DATE OF THE TRAINING: March 30, 2022, until April 04, 2022

EVENT CATEGORY: MIDAS Authorized Training.

ELIGIBILITY: Open for all engineers with proven knowledge of structural design.


ADDRESS: Five to Five Hotel - REMERA

Training schedule in brief:

Day 1 (March 30, 2022): Introduction to Midas Civil & 3D Box Culverts Design

Day 2: Reinforced Concrete T-Girder Bridge Design

Day 3: 3D Bridge Substructure & Foundation Design, Expert Lecture featuring the experience of using MIDAS Civil by Midas power user from Uganda

Day 4.1: Practice and Q&A session

Day 4.2: Design of Reinforced Concrete slab Bridge

Day 5: Design of Prestressed Composite I-Girder Bridge

Day 6: Certification ceremony

Take-home Technical materials from MIDAS

        Software tutorial video recordings

        Midas civil design guide (PDF)

        Midas Civil licensed software from one month (Free)

        Detailed tutorial book of all bridge types that will be covered in the training (PDF)

      Structural Analysis I – Basic analysis with Midas software (PDF)

   Structural Analysis II – Advanced analysis with Midas software (PDF)

   Frequently asked question (FAQ) booklet for Midas Civil (PDF)

 Midas Project Application booklet – The masterworks of Civil Engineering (PDF)

  Midas International Technical Paper Collection (PDF)

        Midas training certificates

Training objective:

The main objective of this training is to deliver professional skills through a practical design of a real project. The course will involve different practical exercises and assignments, but the final goal is to deliver a technical design study of the Highway Bridge project.

The MIDAS CIVIL will be used for 3D Modelling, analysis, and design of the bridge structure. 


What will be the outcome?

At the end of this training, you will have picked up the useful tips needed when utilizing MIDAS Civil, specific features within the software that help you start and complete your bridge design project with exact and effective construction documents for all concepts with standard bridge types.

At the end of the training, successful participants will receive a MIDAS certificate.

 Who should attend this event?

          Structural Engineers

   Civil Engineers with experience in structural designs

    Roads/highway Engineers with experience in bridge design/construction 

          Final Year students in structural engineering

          Final Year students in highway engineering with interest in bridge design 

Other Details

          The course will be conducted in English.

          Each day will consist of a short recap followed by a lecture and practical exercises for the delegates to complete. 

          The course will provide the delegates with the necessary tools and knowledge to set up and complete a bridge design project using MIDAS Civil.

      Upon completion of the course, trained attendees will receive a certificate of attendance issued by MIDAS.

      Covid-19 full vaccination is necessary and will be checked.


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