PRESS RELEASE: Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) holds extraordinary General Assembly (Thursday May 26, 2022) 2022-05-29

On Thursday, May 26, an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Institution of Engineers (IER) took place in Kigali and discussed various pertinent issues affecting the body.

According to the law establishing IER, the General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Institution and brings together all compliant members. It convenes at least once every year.

Its roles and responsibilities include approving all policies of IER, examining, and adopting the internal rules and regulations of the Institution and code of ethics, electing members of the Governing Council, approving activity plans and budget for the Institution, appointing external auditors as well as approving external financial audit reports.

Key on agenda was among others to analyze and approve the audited financial reports for the years ended 2019, 2020 and 2021, an exercise that had been hampered by the Covid-19.

Much as the mentioned reports were reviewed and approved by relevant committees, they had to wait for the General Assembly – which could not meet previously due to limitations on gatherings imposed due to the pandemic.

The assembly also renewed the mandate of the Governing Council for another three-year term.

According to article 23 of the law establishing the Institution, the General Assembly elects Governing Council who are supposed to serve for three (03) years term renewable once.

After reviewing the achievements that were registered over the past three years and considering strenuous conditions in which they operated during their first term that were blighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the assembly unanimously elected the Governing Council for the second term.

The Assembly also approved members of the seven standing committees including; the Membership Committee, the Continuous Professional Development Committee, the Professional, Compliance and Inspection Committee, the Audit Committee, the Dispute and Conflict Resolution Committee, the Social Welfare Committee and the Resource Mobilization and Investment Committee.

Members of the General Assembly were also briefed that effective January 2023, Rwanda will assume the presidency of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), with Rwandan engineer, Eng. Papias Dedeki Kazawadi as the president.

WFEO is an international body that brings together national engineering bodies from at least 100 countries, and it represents over 30 million engineers worldwide.

During the Assembly, members took note and commended the reforms that have been carried out at the Institution’s secretariat, which they said has brought about efficiency as reflected in the growth in number of members and financial prudence.

Among the key resolutions from the Assembly included a directive that the Governing Council work with the Secretariat to come up with a strategy to guide the institution to embark on long-term commercially viable projects, including building a complex that can host its headquarters.

About the Institution

The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) was established in 2008 as learned society of engineering profession with an aim to promote and develop engineering services and best practice for sustainable development of our country.

This was in line with government’s commitment to promote science and technology for the national development, while promoting the engineering profession leading to improved quality and efficiency of services.

Currently, the institution has 2,714 members.  

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