IER Compliant Technologists 2021

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 B0154/GC/IER/2021 Damien MUHAWENIMANA Construction Technology
2 B0155/GC/IER/2021 Erneste UWANYIRIGIRA Construction Technology
3 B0156/GC/IER/2021 Celestin MUSAVYI Urban Planning and Management
4 B0157/GC/IER/2021 Egide NSHIMIYIMANA Environmental Management & Water Technology
5 B0158/GC/IER/2021 Aimable NAMBAJE Construction Technology
6 B0159/GC/IER/2021 Damien KAVUKIRE Civil Engineering
7 B0160/GC/IER/2021 Cyprien TWAGIRAYEZU Construction Technology
8 B0161/GC/IER/2021 Francois HARERIMANA Construction Technology
9 B0162/GC/IER/2021 Jean Baptiste MUSABYIMANA Construction Technology
10 B0163/GC/IER/2021 Thaddee BYUKUSENGE Mining and Minerals Processing
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