Compliant Technologists 2023

Compliant Professional Technologists are members of the Institution in the category of professional technologists who have paid Annual Membership Fees in the current year and allowed to practice the Profession as Professional Technologists. Contact us on info@engineersrwanda or +250 789 904 228 in case you can not find your name on the list while you have paid.

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 B0034/GC/IER/2019 GATARE Daniel Civil Engineering
2 B0080/GC/IER/2020 IRYUMUGABE Vincent de Paul Civil Engineering
3 B0081/GC/IER/2020 NKURUNZIZA Blaise Pascal Civil Engineering
4 B0082/GC/IER/2020 UMURERWA Clementine Civil Engineering
5 B0086/GC/IER/2020 REBERO Robert Civil Engineering
6 B0089/GC/IER/2020 RWANYAGASORE Chancelier Cera Civil Engineering
7 B0092/GC/IER/2020 UWAMUNGU Patrick Civil Engineering
8 B0094/GC/IER/2020 UWERA Yvette Civil Engineering
9 B0025/GC/IER/2019 HAGENIMANA Nelly Telesphore Civil Engineering
10 B0048/GC/IER/2019 RUGAMBA Ernest Civil Engineering
Not Found Please Contact IER Secretariat for more details

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