IER Compliant Technologists 2021

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 B0130/GC/IER/2021 Vicky NIYONZIMA Construction Technology
2 B0131/GC/IER/2021 Pascal NKOTA Construction Technology
3 B0132/GC/IER/2021 Marc SEKARAMA Construction and Building Technology
4 B0133/GC/IER/2021 Chrisostome UWIMANA Construction and Building Technology
5 B0134/GC/IER/2021 Raymond TUYIZERE Construction Technology
6 B0135/GC/IER/2021 Jovin NIZEYEYEZU Construction Technology
7 B0136/GC/IER/2021 Theogene MVUYEKURE Constructin Technology
8 B0137/GC/IER/2021 Salama NIYOMUGABO Water and Sanitation Technology
9 B0138/GC/IER/2021 Didier UWIMANA Civil Engineering
10 B0139/GC/IER/2021 Anny Ishimwe Environmental Management & Water Technology
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