IER Compliant Technologists 2022

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 B0202/GC/IER/2021 Theoneste HAKIZIMANA Building and Civil Engineering
2 B0217/GC/IER/2022 Clement NAYIGIZIKI Construction Technology
3 B0205/GC/IER/2022 Pacifique MPANO NIYIBIZI Construction Technology
4 B0206/GC/IER/2022 Benjamin NIYITEGEKA Alternative Energy
5 B0207/GC/IER/2022 Emmanuel NIZEYIMANA Construction Technology
6 B0208/GC/IER/2022 Jean Damascene NIYONSABA Construction Technology
7 B0209/GC/IER/2022 Samuel NGENDAHAYO Construction Technology
8 B0210/GC/IER/2022 Eric GABIRO Construction Technology
9 B0211/GC/IER/2022 Dieudonne ABIZEYIMANA Dieudonne ABIZEYIMANA
10 B0212/GC/IER/2022 Theoneste HAKORIMANA Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology
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