Compliant Engineering Firms 2023 /2024

Compliant Engineering Firms are firms registered with the Institution and have paid Annual Membership Fees in the current year and allowed to practice the Profession . Contact us on info@engineersrwanda or +250 789 904 228 in case you can not find your firm on the list while you have paid.

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 A214/REC/ECF/2021 Elysium Group Ltd Civil Engineering
2 A177/REC/ECF/2020 GROUP 3 Engineering Contractors Ltd Civil Engineering
3 A216/REC/ECF/2021 Standard Consulting Engineers Ltd Civil Engineering
4 A217/REC/ECF/2022 Hugo Engineering Durability Company Ltd Civil Engineering
5 A159/REC/ECF/2019 Construction State (COSTA) Ltd Civil Engineering
6 A189/REC/ECF/2020 IBC Group PLC Civil Engineering
7 A221/REC/ECF/2022 Key Golden Contractors Company Ltd Civil Engineering
8 A063/REC/ECF/2016 HICE Consult Civil Engineering
9 A223/REC/ECF/2022 Construction Spatial Data Infrastructure Ltd
10 A225/REC/ECF/2022 PO CONSULT Ltd Civil Engineering
Not Found Please Contact IER Secretariat for more details

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