About IER


The Institution of Engineers Rwanda(IER), started in 2008 as learned society of engineering profession with an aim to promote and develop engineering services and best practice for sustainable development of our country. This was in line with government’s commitment to promote science and technology for the national development, while promoting the engineering profession leading to improved quality and efficiency of services. more

All these proved difficult to be achieved without appropriate legal framework until 2012 when the law No. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012 was established and enacted by the Parliament. This will not only be used as a tool to achieve the targeted goals but also will be a forum to harmonize engineering services and activities within the country, the East African Community and the world at large.

Core Values

  1. Core Value 1: Integrity

  2. Core Value 2: Professionalism

  3. Core Value 3: Innovation

  4. Core Value 4:Passion

  5. Core Value 5:Social Responsibility