IER-Compliant Professional Engineers 2022

No RegNo Name Discipline
1 A1506/EC/IER/2021 Athanase MUGISHA MUTABAZI Electrical Engineering
2 A1540/EC/IER/2021 Anthere BIZIMANA Water and Environmental Engineering
3 A1513/EC/IER/2021 Bonaventure NKIRANUYE Civil Engineering and Management
4 A1514/EC/IER/2021 Gilbert TWAYIGIZE Building and Construction Technology
5 A1517/EC/IER/2021 Laurien IRAGUHA Civil Engineering
6 A1519/EC/IER/2021 Vedaste NIBORUGERO Mechanical Engineering
7 A1521/EC/IER/2021 Eraste HAKUZIMANA Civil Engineering
8 A1522/EC/IER/2021 Bienvenu NEZERWA Civil Engineering
9 A1530/EC/IER/2021 Isaline UTETIWABO Civil Engineering
10 A1534/EC/IER/2021 Nehemie NIYITANGA Civil Engineering
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